Moving Thralls and Animals base to another place

Sorry if this was already suggested but didn’t find it on the forum.

Is it possible to have an UI command to revert in Icon Thrall and Animals ? I think to all go-back to do when moving base (on pve server) when you have so many fighters/animals protecting you base.
Reconverting to icon could be an issue with dungeon or in pvp server also if i push the idea further.

So why not implement the concept of Caravan ? This Caravan coudn’t enter in dungeon and take map. This caravan could be targeted in pvp / pvec server… And raiding a caravan could give the possibility to stun player’s caravan slaves…
Technically speaking : you attach your thralls/animals to a bearer/camel-like and you make following the bearer/camel-like to you…
You could also build some “prisoner cage on wheels” where you put animals and thralls and attach it on camel-like or to another “prisoner cage on wheels”.
With that there also the concept of moving slave army to attack other clan in pvp/pvec

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This for sure I would love to have a couple of mammoths with cages and torches on their backs, even just for transporting unconscious thralls. GREAT IDEA!!!

It’s me or this suggestion is not a gread idea for the majority… Thanks @Weare138 to your reply :slight_smile:

I know it was mentioned somewhere that the speed of a mount would make it a pain for loading in terrain but I would still be happy even if they only moved as fast as humans just for the fun of having the caravan.

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