Moving through locked building, how is this possible?

Ok, last night during pvp hours i experienced a weird thing.

A nother player was inside my building with closed doors, and i was working with my crafting stations at the time.

I know he could have gotten inside while i was running in-out of doors, but that wasnt the case, i had been inside for some minutes when i suddenly saw him inside.

Now, he was ready for pvp, full legion etc, and i was in building mode so that was a given that i wouldnt fight him, so i just made sure to put all my good gear in a chest and as the doors where locked i figured that if he kill me he will starve to death and leave him inside for weeks as punishment:)
I guess he saw that i was in medium normal encumberance gear so he had no use for my gear, because he didnt attack.

But, all of a sudden he was gone, and now he was on my roof.
I went up to have a look, yes, he was now on my roof, pulling my named thrall away.

Thats cool, but how is it possibe to zone like that?

I am sure the building is closed, full t3, and this really is a thing that worries me, could this be a secret someone knows or was it the admin?

Now, i mean, if it was the admin, why steel thralls, thats not it i think, but even so i would like to know if anyone experienced something like this before?

Speed hack going so fast the base does not render in time and they get in maybe.

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