Moving your thralls around

I know you can pick up your artisan thralls np but is there a way to move all your fighting thralls to a new location without having to do it one by one?

Best I’ve come up with is hold one in the ‘place on guard’ position and have a second follow (at least that way you shift two at once…). Only way I know for sure of moving multiple fighter types would be if they have come straight out of the wheel and never been placed.

Sadly there is no other way to pick multiple npc followers and to relocate them at another spot at the same time if you had allready placed them , pulling them from the wheel of pain or animal pen.

Tks guys. I thought so. I was just hoping that there was something I did not know.

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Wonder if funcom can implement a thrall menu interaction that opens the map from their menu, you could then right click to guard a point on the map.
They would move there by themselves.


You can strip them naked and rescue them if you don’t want to walk with them. There is a cooldown though.


That’s viable, especially if you’re building a new base. You load one up with supplies, take it with you, take the inventory off of the others, and then start building the new base. While you work, every 10 minutes or so, you ‘rescue’ another thrall to your location. When you need new supplies, you guard the follower who came with you and walk back solo to pick up another set.

Eventually, between back-and-forth inventory trips and rescuing, everyone is at the new place.


Actually - taking into account the neat suggestion being made above about using the ‘rescue’ option has reminded me of another alternative using mods (specifically Better Thralls and Thrall Sidekick) - I’m happy to explain it in more detail if mods are an option for you (otherwise I’ll save time and not clutter up the thread :wink: )

Is the rescue done through the list of your Thralls?

Followers window - I forget/don’t know the direct hotkey, but you can access it from Inventory (tabs at the top) - find the follower in question and right-click them.

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