[MP]Is the new, scalable "Summon Demon" nano rollable?

I know the old version of “Summon Demon” was rollable. My MP has one uploaded, and it always produces the demon of the same fixed level. How does one go about aquiring the new version, where the demon’s level is supposed to depend on one’s skills? Can it be bought anywhere at all? (None on the market atm, I’ve checked :))

Edit: I have finally managed to roll and blitz it, so, the answer to this question is: Yes, the new version of this nano is rollable.


You already found out it’s rollable, but maybe my reply will be useful to someone anyway.
In game, you can do e.g.

/tell zetabyte !nano Summon Demon

Which will give you the location where to get the nano from. In this case “Mission reward”.

Since there are, confusingly, two nano’s with this name, you’d have to click them both and see which is the one you need (the requirements and effects are different).