MS Store patch updates not available

Patch updates not available in MS Store. Last patch took me 4 reinstalls and 5 days to get working. Played for 1 day and new patch drops and I am in the same situation. I am not the only one having this issue with MS Store. My friends using Steam have no problem. Get the issue fixed or refund me for the game I can’t play.

Lol. You should go and complain to MS Store and ask them for a refund.

I saw this linked elsewhere, it may help u as well:

It’s not an exclusively Conan problem either. Inherit problems with MS store. In my case it’s because I have it installed on another drive, and MS Store HATES when you do that for updating. So, not really anything Funcom can do. You can either try what Narelle suggested, do a full re-install, or ask Microsoft for a refund.

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