Multi location purge?

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Misc]
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So, finally, I just got the first purge I’ve had since before the Halloween event. My bar used to not move at all then suddenly started moving after the stutter patch was put in. After a month of crazy building and raiding and monster killing, I finally hit Purge line. The moment I hit it, I got a purge. Not just any purge, but a multi location 4 wave purge. First wave was in the volcano and it was the Silent Legion (odd for them to be there, but whatever). I then saw a “regrouping” message. The second wave of Silent Legion appeared, but this time inside my base! imagine my surprise. To no surprise… all my Thralls were in defense mode except Vathis who apparently can’t be bothered. My sabertooth seemed to be the most active. Pets seem to be way better about aggression. Then the really weird happened. I got a message that Lemurians were scouting my base… I’m like, no way Lemurians are in the volcano… and they were not. My map now had my base in the Jungle targeted. So… I had to go across the map in ten minutes… no biggie thanks to fast travel. Still, that wave was a gaggle of naked Lemurians with no named Boss… which I was hoping for as it was the third wave. When it was over… I got another message, saying the Silent Legion was scouting my base. OK definitely not in the Jungle. Checked map, red x on a third base at the Crevice. Seriously? When was this Carmen Sandiego experiment going to end? Finally the Legion had a handful of skeles and Tyros. I’ve never experienced the multi location purge thing. Is this normal? Official Server PVE 3519

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I’ve seen it once before. Was hunting down star metal when my buddy (in a different clan) got his purge notification. Gorillas in the Jungle if I remember right. After crushing the first wave it either said regrouping or defeated. He immediately got a message that a purge would come to the savanna. We popped over and hacked down 4-5 waves of undead there. We did both totally naked mind you since we had the wrong armor on. That was the only time I’ve seen multi location purge. I did however hear in the livestream about the PC patch that it will be more regular to see multiple purges at multiple locations. We shall see.


Now this might seem like an odd question … and I do not mean to offend …but I know some players like to link their bases … is each base separate?
Or have you build a connection to each for easy decay timer renewal?
(I was thinking if they are linked then that might explain why you had one purge start but with waves spawning in different areas with different types of enemies.)

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We have been hit by undead at the tower of bats. We defeated it and checked the event log immediately.
Our fish n squish outside asagarth was obliterated by the undead at the exact same time as tower of bats. No map marker or second warning. No one else’s base near by.

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Recently have had purge show up with no map markers and no clear message of who or what just the music.

You DO know how far The Lemurians are from the Crevice and Volcano right??? I don’t have that kind of time!

Hard to say. I once had a purge attack my crevice base in three locations/sides of base at once and I ran out of one entrance into a wave that was too much for me alone and just trailed them away from my base. In my haste, I ran into a Gate opening that had a lot of armed archers and my mobs decided to attack them instead. That might be what happened to you? Doesn’t sound plausible but maybe?

Lol yes I do know … but I’ve also seen Halycon’s screenshots of the endless highway his server had to endure from a player who was determined to join every section of the map with one long “road”.
We once had a guy who got a bit carried away with his bridge from the volcano to main base at the start of the ice and extended it not only to his base in the highlands then partway into the desert.

We once built a base on the mountain range between the frost temple and dragon mouth, right up near the volcano.
We made the mistake of building an elaborate elevator system on either side for access.
Got purged twice by ice giants on the frost temple side and twice by silent legion.
Each wave of silent legion alternated between frost temple and dragon mouth sides. It was a right pain in the bottom going up 2 slow ■■■ elevators and then down another 2.
I was quite relieved when some dodgy decay shenanigans took the base out.

Was a fun experience at least fighting the kinscourge out in the open though.

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This made me belly laugh thinking how that must have went! Makes me think of great action music interrupted by long pauses of elevator music scene with a couple peeps smoking in the elevator waiting for the bottom.

Determined? Thats downright psychotic. The biggest bridge I’ve seen on mine went from Asgarath to the right staue at the base of the Hinterlands at the top of the Sahara. I actually used that one a lot to skip the mobs in the plains.

This pretty much sums it up.
Worst of all during one of the elevator rides the staircase up to the elevator was destroyed in the time it took to get to it.
Half of the people fighting the undead were in silent legion and couldn’t climb as a result. They had to run from the frost temple to dragon mouth via the mounds. They arrived in time to see the final blow to kill the kinscourge.

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