Multi prayer increases God power

I’m reposting these 2 ideas because they would make an awesome dynamic and I’m guessing would be relatively easy to add by devs.

  1. Prayer can make Gods more lethal
  2. Add a Crown of the Exiles

To make the Gods great again, they could offer them in different strengths based on the number of players that do the pray emote nearby. If you have several clan mates and allies praying it’s full strength based on that number unless they get interrupted somehow. If it’s just 1 praying, then it’s not fully manifested and weak. Also, defenders could use a counter prayer emote to subtract that number praying on the other side. Also, devs could offer holy weapons like a God ballista that are manned by a Thrall and automatically fire at Gods.

A Crown is a unique helmet that gives the user extra skill points and maybe a buff like a dancer. It indicates the alpha on the server and can be seen on mini map like a God token. If it glitches off map, it could respawn at the volcano forge.

Hopefully devs read the suggestions and could implement!

Bodin mentioned in my other post that admins could use the item in pve for admins to use so that players can find them on the map if they were lost. They could disable it if they wanted. In pve it could also be used in role playing adventures. In single player it could be an endgame item… leave the Exile lands with the items gathered, or take the crown and rule.

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