Multiboxing discussion


We lately had conflicting information on this topic emerging. Some claim pretty much any software is now viewed as ok by Funcom while others say something different. The purpose of this post is to start a discussion where we can find out what exactly is allowed and what is not. Ultimately an official statement from FC is the goal.

The best knowledge we have atm is that sending commands to multiple clients simultaneusly is ok but having software do things such as syncronizing movement, effectively sending commands that you never actively made, is not.

Therefore the current crop of softare that achieves that feature (syncronizing movement) is NOT allowed.
Personally though, I feel that things could be much clearer and that FC needs to make an official statement on what is allowed and what is not. Both for us customers and for FC staff.

Hopefully this can result in an official response from Funcom so that we can end this confusion once and for all.

Thanks in advance for respectful and constructive posts.


Supported, but don’t get your hopes up. It’ll probably be ignored by FC or the thread will be closed down.


For reference, I presume this is the official reply (from @andyb) that is meant;


Not sure what you mean there. It’s become clear though, that it might not have been clear to Funcom what these programs actually do. Now that it’s becoming known, maybe some action can be taken.


I’m actually with you on this and would also appreciate a clear answer.
I just meant that that comment from andyb is the one that made people think it’s okay to use this (in my humble opinion) exploit. It’s a bit like interpreting the oracle of Delphi though.


Yes, agreed. That’s what made it escalate, just as you said. Because it sounds like basically anything goes as long as there is a person controlling the toons. Sounded like it doesn’t matter if there is custom software doing… things.


I have also been told in a response by Funcom that the developers look at the programs. If this is really done, I do not understand in the least, why the functioning or parts of the function are not clear. Here are two clear facts: 1) FunCom has said that „Tools“ that only allow commands to pass to multiple clients are allowed. 2) The program, what is currently used does more than that. It is not a tool, it is a PROGRAMM. To recognize this, you do not have to be a software developer, but only look at the result. By using this program it is possible to synchronize „Follow“ his 6 characters in a 5% or 25% zone. The synchronization works via coordinates. The program does not pass a key command, it reads out the coordinates of a character and sends them to the other clients which then “follow”. This does not have much to do with simple boardcasting. Another case is that when synchronization is activated, the program will always pass the coordinates of the lead character to the other clients. With different positions of all 6 characters, all characters are warped to the position (coordinates) of the lead character. If this should be a “new” insight for FunCom, they did not watch the program or try it…

The question is, how can you prove, that someone using this software? In my opinion there is no way as a player.

I do not understand in the least why we as a player have to explain to FunCom how a third-party program works, which violates the EULA. The question is not whether this program violates the EULA, but why FunCom does not do anything. The EULA states that third-party programs are not allowed. I do not understand why then these discussions are conducted!


Thanks for typing out what I was going to. :slight_smile:

As I understand it, some of the software also allows for “automatic healing”. As in if one char in team goes below 75% hp, a single heal is cast and if below 25%, ch is cast. All automatically. Can’t be ok, can it?


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Clicksaver and AOIA read from the client to give an out-of-game view of information you can see in-game as well (e.g. mission details and inventory contents).
Clicksaver interacts with the game the same way a player does; by sending mouse clicks to the client. AOIA does not interact with the game.

In contrast, this synchronisation program combines information from multiple clients and sends commands that players cannot otherwise send through interaction with the client. This difference makes Clicksaver and AOIA quality of life improvements, and the synchronisation program a cheat, hack or exploit or whatever you prefer.



You may not use any third party software to modify the client in order to change Game play or manipulate the client. You may not use any means of unattended gameplay, this includes macros not supported by the in-game client, mechanical means, or any other means deemed to be in violation by Funcom.

so its allowed until funcom says no (fyi, i have never used it)


First line, you can’t modify the client, which is what the current software does. FC trying to say it’s not their job to enforce the rules of the EULA and that it’s not their job to look at what software that is being used to hack their game is just amazing. The incompetence is at stratospherical levels. And on top of that we, the paying customers who are trying to help and who are having our gaming experienec ruined, get nothing but smugness and generic non answers or excuses back.

It’s beyond pathetic guys. Far, FAR beyond pathetic.


About MB,just few worlds.
Without MB many acc should be frozen with that , less money.
I agree with MB but should be some limitations.
This game is unique and with right orientation will be here for another couple of years.


Noone is suggesting that MB using third party software whose only function is to send commands to multiple clients should be banned. This is already OK according to the EULA. What we are trying to make FC wake up and realize is that some softwares out there are HACKING the game in all sorts of ways and therefore is NOT allowed under the EULA. We need FC to either enforce the EULA or just change it so that anything goes and so ppl know what they get when they pay. This hush hush, ignore ignore approach no longer works and tbh never did.


but this synchronised program is only about your characters moving at same spot instead of lagging around with /follow. How its breaking game so much? duping etc damage hacks are more like against eula + hurt economy etc. I see synchronisation as quality of life improvement (saavick)


the point is that that follow work on zones with 25% and 5% where normal follow doesnt work also all chars assisting in those zones what in normal assist doesnt work. it doesnt break game it breaking only PVP. and shoud decide once for all if its ok or if it not.


huanmanuel There are two problems here.

  1. The software in question doesn’t just send commands to multiple clients, it actually controls the characters for you and it does so by warping them, not by moving them. It does send commands that you never sent and that’s against the EULA.

  2. It gives a distinct advantage because charactes can follow in pvp zones. FC specifically prohibited /follow in those areas to make multiboxing impossible. This software circumvents this attempt by FC.

Also, the softwarethatwemaynotmention does way WAY more, including automated healing. As I understand there is even a version that uncludes automatic inf new missions. As in it pulls and completes inf new missions and repulls. All while you sleep. There are videos on youtube of this.

This is all very VERY easy to spot if you actually try. But you have to TRY. You have to WANT to fix it.
I was adviced by a GM to start this thread after a very long discussion. I was reluctant as I thought it was just another attempt of diversion and a waste of my time for hte umpteenth time. So far I’m not convinced I was wrong as we have zero input from FC, again.


okay i didnt know all technical stuff in it. we should just let funcom decide if its against eula or not.


Due to how the EULA is worded it’s actually enough if FC just comes out and says: “It’s NOT allowed”.


Yes, that is exactly what I want. For them to tell us whether it’s ok or not.