Multigun's Mod - Limestone Buildings - Community Notice [Solved]


Bug fixed, and update has been pushed.

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Hey all,

Based on reports I’m getting and my own self test, Limestone Buildings has some sort of conflict that is causing the recipe in the Carpenter Station for the new Thrall Pot to go MIA. It appears you can still admin in the Thrall pots as a temporary fix. I am unsure if there are any other conflicts with new items, or if other mods out there are also causing similar issues with this. But, I just wanted to let peeps know so I can spread the word.

As for a fix, I’ll PROBABLY have it fixed tomorrow some time after the newest dev kit drops (Note: I am on the West Coast USA, which is far different in time zone timeage then Norway, and I have a real life job). I’m going to take a quick peak in the existing dev kit right now to make sure the ID ranges used aren’t conflicting for funsies, and go from there.

It would help if anybody else who has issues with missing new items, Thrall Pots, new arrows, etc could respond and let me know what mods they are running (whether it’s my mods or not) and whether or not they are also running my Limestone mod, that would be great.


Welp, found the issue. Somehow I had the vanilla feats table buried in my mod folders (I use a merge table, so it shouldn’t be there, it’s a silly mistake on my part).

Currently I am having issues with the dev kit itself, but once I can lock down that I’ll have an update pushed, and I don’t need the newest dev kit either.

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hi multigun, i use your mod called Tier4 Thralls - Increased Spawn :slight_smile: greets

Which is also I believe broken. I’ll have that fixed tomorrow after I get the newest dev kit :grinning:

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oh ok cool, i actually only found 1 level 3 (armourer so far), plus what looks like a level 3 exile showing IiI in roman numerals. (luckily he was able to make me twine for 2 plant fibers now, instead of 3 as was running low) :slight_smile:

Some of it might still be working okay, but other parts like the Volcano has issues. I’ll get that cleared up tomorrow once I have the newest dev kit on hand so I can look at what is going on.

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by the way,
this is my current version, and modname is:

Okay, issue is fixed and patch pushed. Crisis averted.

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cool nice one :slight_smile: