Multiplayer server issue / Lan issue. Help greatly appriciated.

I´m trying hard to find a way to play with my buddy, when he creates a server and send me an invite through steam, i get the message saying " John doe does not play on any server" And when i try to join him, the "join game " option when you right click, is not there, as in grayed out. whatever we try it either says does not play on any server or “pending connection faliure”

any way to resolve this? i put aside my whole weekend to play this kickass game with my freind, needless to say, it´ll be ruined if we cant play together… But that´s the price we pay for playing an E.A game we payed 40 euros for…:wink:

“edit” we played together for hours before, now it seems somthing is wrong. we tried starting a new game but with no luck.

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