Multiplayer Stamina issues and hitbox issues



Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [North America: Texas]

Playing multiplayer with a friend causes a couple of issues with my character.

  1. Climbing walls, my character is unable to pull herself up unless I spam the A button.

  2. Jump bug: A few times when I went to jumo, she would jump maybe a half jump and it would be as if she hit her head and was unable to go higher despite any in game altitude. Problematic when trying to escape the Savannah critters by climbing up and being unable to jump to climb.

  3. Stamina glitch: The stamina bar will sometimes glitch. During the jump bug, it will be frozen after the jump and continue to decline with proceeding jumos but not replenish even if you wait for a full minutes time. Normally to fix this, I cause stamina to run out and then use the kick button, which somehow manages to activate the replenishing of stamina. There are also times when the bar will just be frozen and I can sprint infinitely.

  4. Attempting to kill creatures, the hits I land would do no damage to the creature while my friend with the same weapon and strength points would do a decent amount of damage. No difference in clothing either.

  5. Elephants, Rhinos, and Tigers would glitch into the rocks of Swagger rock. Also, they all sound like the tiger. Another thing is the Rhino was able to run through a doorway. Basic foundation doorway with door placed. The door was opened by my friend, who was being chased by the Rhino, and the Rhino just came on through as if it pays bills on our little swagger rock base. Needless to say, we moved out of that neighborhood.

I have no clue how these bugs and glitches would occur; it was seemingly at random with no precursor that I am aware of.

I can’t wait for the fixes but hope that y’all take at least 2+ weeks to make sure these are more permanent fixes. Thank you!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


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