Multiple bugs report

Game mode: Unofficial Server
Problem: Can’t see body after death. Sounds of building crashing and debris when joining the game while inside of the house. Stuck inside the house and hinders movement after just log in into the game.

Good thread! (If anybody from funcom reads it ;)).

I crafted a stone sword yesterday. Got the message “step completed: dedicated weapon”. However the sword was nowhere in my inventory or hotkeys slots (i crafted another one and it was fine).

Yesterday also, was fighting a croc and got the message “stopped bandaging” when i got hit. I was around level 5 and had no healing item whatsoever…

I play in a private server with no mods.

Fix net code. Massive lag spike at times. This is severely notice when you playing action combat like Conan Exiles. Enemies teleported everywhere. I ran 4 servers for Ark and no issues so don’t look at me for issues. This is game issue and needs to looks at. Why no updates since launch day? Is Funcom sleeping or taking a break after they release half bake game!?? Love the game but… come on fix the issues. Thank you!