Multiple character and you

If you are like me and have several alts. (dragon/templar/illuminati) the game will not like you.
After changing between them to trade items through the guildbank the game will kick you out.
Can happen on the second alt or third alt, if i log into wrong one f.eks.
Sending reports sometimes, stating that changing character caused it.

Not sure why it happens tho, but it always does.

Reinstalled windows and the game, and same problem. (with and without mods)

I can’t say i ever have this problem with my three characters.

Have had the problem with 3, now i have 5 in total for some reason and keep getting booted when changing.
Usually happens after changning character a few times.

Same. I keep the game running almost all day, I just /camp back to the character select screen. I usually try to keep 1h agent missions going since they’re the best xp/minute so I’m always going back and forth between characters. I don’t get “kicked out” at any point. After about 12 hours the game gets slightly unstable and can crash, but I think that might just be a slow memory leak over time.

I play on steam, not sure if that has anything to do with it.
Have friends that got same problem.

I’m also a steam player, but some issues are very dependend on your specific system.

I don’t have issue with multiple characters at all and have never crashed switching that I’m aware of.

I do get really laggy (memory leak?) using the Agent window alot. Restarting the game fixes that. So, I always do if I’m going to attempt group content.

Well, i get kicked at least 3-4 times a day due to changing character.
Start on main, do daily chalange jurnal. Sell stuff on market and put stuff in bank.
Log next, take out from bank. Upgrade some and put some on market, then do journal.
Same as previous. Usually by the 4th i get kicked. Or if i log back to some already done with journal to put more on market or agent missions. From 1h to 2h gametime before i get the error. Need to close the game wia taskmanager before i can restart it.
My friends get same problem (but not on steam client)

I also get kicked from game sometimes (every other day or so) due to “not enough memory” wich is a lie with 32 GB ram. And yes i know this is a 32 bit game. We really do need an 64 bit klient.

My rig is quite ok in my opinion.
OS: Latest W10 crap
MB: Rampave V5 extreeme
CPU: i7 5930K
RAM: 32 GB
Disk : pciexpress x4
GPU: Nvidia 1080

Have 0 problem in other games, only in SWL.