Multiple clients messing up gui


I have installed the classic AO in C:\Funcom\Anarchy Online folder
The prefs are stored in …\AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy online<code>\Anarchy Online folder

I have also installed the New Engine AO in C:\Funcom\Anarchy Online NE folder
The prefs are stored in …\AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy online<code>\Anarchy Online NE folder

I have organized the classic AO differently then the NE version: classic version I run in 1920x1080 Windowed but not borderless. NE version I run in 2560x1440 Windowed and borderless.

When I switch from classic to NE, the GUI has messed up my previous settings and makes me need to rearrange things. Sometimes I have that also the other way round when switching from NE to classic.

Is this normal or am I missing some setting?

You can run the old client at 1440p with Dreams AOIA “FIX”

It’s not a fix but prevents what you’re describing.

Ah thanks for that tip but it annoys me that somehow the 2 installations sometimes mess up the gui arrangement.

I can only imagine the two installs doing this if they are sharing the prefs folder, but that shouldn’t happen (unless both installs are in the same folder) so yeah odd one but “fixable”