Multiple DCs in minis

Is anyone else getting a lot of DCs in minigames? Its happened to me three times out of about eight so far. Not happening in the nonminigames.

I get a lot of client crashes and DCs when minis end. Never during them.

Actually I got one DC in the minigame and about three while leaving the mini. Would have to go to task bar to get out of it as the ‘send report to Funcom’ option doesn’t let me click on it anymore

Getting a lot of disconnects and I haven’t even done a mini yet.

HI All,

After wining a match I have window and option to re-log or quit.After relog it roll back point i get for winning. I wrote few petitions but no answer yet. I am wondering It is because Funcom already choose the winners (as its only after wining match) or they just did something wrong as always?

Exactly same it happened like 5-10x already and always if won - thought its bad luck. I am mad on that since this kind of bug of loging back after mini is known for 3-4 weeks now even prior to saga… it really Ruins the fun if you are winning sides and nothing…

DCing in minis here. I have 19 minigames abandoned after a couple hours of Saga minis…really ■■■■■■ me off. FIX YOUR GAME!!!

I just won a mini 3-0 and my game got stuck in the loading screen when zoning out. I had to shut down the game’s process and when I came back I didn’t get the victory added to my stats.

Its not just in minis: getting more DCs doing quests than yesterday. I dced twice just trying to get into Rentons house for quest

Game ’loses connection to the server’ majority of the time when I win a mini and it’s supposed to zone me out, but not had one on a loss. Not only is the mini stat lost, you also lose kills from the last, however many minutes (lost over 20 kills in one game that I actually paid attention to the stats on).

Funcom, can you ffs fix this? Almost every mini i dc, or screen freezes and I have to manually shut the game down with task manager.

How is it possible you mess up every single patch, every single update?

Same here. At current state it’s unplayable for me.

Today crash every time zoning to or from white sands. It is nearly unplayable, yes. saga server

Three minis today: two DCed when I left

Is saga going to doing this for the next few months? Gets old really quickly

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Great…now I DC when minigame pops and I try and get in it?

Just logged out. Last mini I DC’d around 20 times. Funcom get your S@@T together. Your devs are useless.

I DC on almost every minigame. Most of the times its before it starts or at the end. Please fix this.

Been d/c in every mini games since launch. If not during then after, but mostly while is going. Might have actually finished 1 but most I d/c. I am talking saga server

Even today still dc at the end of almost every mini. Most of the time screen freezes, so i have to close AoC with task manager.

You guys seem to expect a lot from Mussanga. He’s only one dev and I’m sure he’s busy on other projects.