Multiple Graphical Issues after update

There are several issues with the reflection, refraction, and color values currently assigned to air, water, and objects at maximum rendering distance.

Water is dull brown
Air volumetrics are too bright
Objects at max renderring distance glow/seem highly reflective, not silloueted as you would expect objects at a distance to be.
There is also a pronounced borderline between two parts of the air, very noticeable from mid to high elevations.
It also seems like some textures at a distance are more in the foreground than they should be.

None of these are game breaking, but they are immersion breaking.

Variants of many of these issues, brown water for example, were brought up on the PC side after their latest Update.

Please review any of my streams on Twitch post update for examples of the above.

I am hopeful that these things will be reviewed, and adjustments made in a future patch.


singleplayer and online


Don’t know if this counts as part of this, but I have had the world turn on it’s side. Like if the camera in now at an angle.

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