Multiple Instances Of 'Inside The Maelstrom'

Online private | Co-op)
PvE ]*
Region 2
Xbox Series S.

Bug Description:

Was inside the Maelstrom zone, Maelstrom began, and I got 3 instances of the ‘Inside The Maelstrom’ notification popping up on the top left of my screen where that notice usually resides.

on leaving the Maelstrom zone, one of those three instances disappeared, but the other two persisted all the way back to my base way way outside the zone.

Expected Behavior:

Inside the maelstrom shoudl only have one instance on screen, and it should disappear when no longer ‘inside the maelstrom’.

Steps to Reproduce:

Dunno. Was just inside the zone when a storm started. My team mates didn’t have the same bug.

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Thank you for your report. Could you share with us the in-game map location of the area where you first noticed the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mayra,

The location was around the Leyshrine of the Demon, the Leyshrine over on the middle west of the map, we were fighting a surge there, when the Mealstrom began close to the end of the surge, and the three instances popped up.

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Thank you for the additional information. We’ll forward it to our team for investigation.

Please let us know if you find any other issues on our Lands. :slight_smile:

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