Multiple same named thralls

Is it possible to have multiple same named thralls spawn at different locations at the same time?


Lore-wise, its like “identity theft.” Once a thrall has a reputation for skill and craftsmanship, others try to claim that they are that person, too. :rofl:

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I’m camped at a spawn point for Snowhunter. I’m wondering if she will spawn at a different location if she hasn’t been killed will she spawn at a different location regardless?

She will spawn at different locations regardless. Think of each location as a RNG generator rather than each thrall as a separate entity. Thus, she may not spawn anywhere for a while or she could have multiple spawns in multiple locations.


Bodin is spot on about the RNG. A resource often used is Dalinsia Snowhunter where you can find a Map link for her potential spawn points.

Zooming in to the mounds, there is one that has two in one place, each with a 4% spawn chance. Farming her was fun when both points spawned a Dalinsia at the same time. I let the thrall go to town with a truncheon while I killed the other three that spawn there, then switched to a truncheon to help him.

Both were wheeled, but I had around 25% health and the thrall a bit higher. Fun times !



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