Multiple things gone wrong

  1. Arrow still being held after firing bow, year long bug issue.
  2. Avatars floating and sliding after jumping/climbing rocks. Getting stuck in other animations as well (crouched, running half in the ground, sitting)
  3. Plants/trees coming up inside buildings for no apparent reason. Log off usually fixes, but not always.
  4. Going north from the Northern Border warp landing, the water dynamics are off. Unable to get under water, swimming in the air at times. (The camera still doesn’t make it so you can tell if you are swimming with head above water or not, bad angles and causes issues with those that experience Cue Conflicts) Antelopes stuck in the bottom of the water. Server restarted many times.
  5. Central region of Northern lands (green) graphics glitches where the Rocks are floating and you see the bottom of the mesh in black… off the ground.
  6. In Relic city, Corrupted city, mobs are spawning in the ground. (I’m sure other places as well, and not sure this would be classed as a bug or a glitch)
  7. Inventory disappearing from Avatar, no apparent reason when/why.
  8. Several objects that come up with Icon needed. Many objects that just show a number but no item in the chests/cupboards/inventory slots of any crafting station/person period.

PVE private server