Multiple Thrall Capture and Thrall Objects

The general idea is to be able to capture in one go (move several thralls to the wheel).


    • Make rope T2 able to hold 2 thralls, rope T3 hold 3 thralls.
    • A cart/npc/pet that can hold/attach several thralls.

Like in Troy movie when Achilles kills Hektor and then draggs his body to his camp.


  1. 2 Handed clubs, (more damage/faster thrall capture). Personally I use 1 handed - shield combo, but have some 2 handers thralls.
  2. Whip: since ancient times, a torture weapon. Inflicts crippling state, can be used on thralls (doesnt damage them).
  3. Whip(2 handed version): Longer reach.
  4. Whip (multiple ends): has splash attack (1 handed).

Cuffs (legs, hands and neck): This is more asthetic than anything, and is already in function in sexiles mod. Also could help determine if an exile is enslaved or free.

Cross and punishment devices (pillories and etc): to display unrully thralls and so, for roleplaying it, also in sexiles. Personally I would think that since the intro has it and in the character creation menu too, we could use it to display thralls.

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