Mushroom season!

Gents and ladies,
Anyone farming puffball mushrooms with tools? I remember using sickle or pick in a faraway past, and I just saw an old post about it being broken in May 19…
Thing is I tried yesterday and couldn’t get it to work at all…
Anyone can help? It takes forever to fill up my basket when handpicking!
A fellow nature lover

Smash the crouch button while harvesting with a sickle.
Search for a region where more shrooms are grouped together in a small area and target those little thingies!

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The survival perk just makes harvesting faster… You don’t get more.
I’m not exactly sure what you mean with the respawn but I’m guessing you play on a server where you keep your inventory on death?

If you go to Xalthar’s Refuge you can hit the mushrooms there. They are on enough of an angle to where you can hit them. All Funcom needs to do to fix the problem is raise the hit box for shoorm like 6 inches higher and it wont be a problem anymore. I said then when I reported it like a year ago but I guess making new stuff is more important then fixing bugs and quality of life updates.

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That’s because inches aren’t a thing. You should have told them 15cm :wink:

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