MUSIC! Please make Placable instruments "stations"

Trained on the trumpet, voice honed by amateur musicals, I was always drawn to percussion. My dad thought it was much too savage. Played in Drum and Bugle in ROTC, took up keyboard/synth, taught myself guitar via Mel Bay and Rocksmith, and have a very solid respect for bass, and love/hone my percussion.

When my father passed he left me a violin that was completely untuned and unrosined, unloved, cold and untouched. I bought another at a local paw-n shop to scavenge pegs and bridge but fell in love with it instead. I also possess/play the accordion and the Melodica, and harmonica. My favorite tune to play on them is the haunting Russian song nikogo ne zhalko. “Pity no one.”

Salty music note: when I encountered a rally in recent history and had a harmonica in the car, I joined the crowd. And played ironic tunes. Sure it started out “Oh Susanna,” but then took a dark turn a little while later. :mood:

There just isn’t enough time though, Crom. I pictured you a musician, said so to my wife. Can’t communicate as well as you do without having music in your spirit.


Whoa Nelly that is quite an impressive range! I honestly do not know how you find time to keep on top of them all. But then again…

Know exactly what you mean. It gets harder to find time as we get older, have families, and take on more challenging, or upper echelon working roles. Still manage to play a couple of days a week, albeit primarily on weekends. Although the the good old days of youth, playing a few hours every day are now behind me. But when I do get a good session in I still walk away feeling reinvigorated.

That is actually one hell of a compliament. Thankyou sir. Dont know that it is that eloquent, but my musical tastes have always interwoven with my fondness for critical analysis. You are quite well spoken yourself Barnes, and I would wager an educated man. One certainly does not boast a verbal proficiency and historical knowledge base as robust as your own by reading tabloid newspapers and watching a surplus of reality television all their life.


I suppose that I should go Yoggite to play some Cannibal Corpse ambient song :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. And I would recommend some Nile for Set. :smiling_imp: :metal:


hey all :slight_smile:
this is something that i’ve wanted to do for a while (i’m sure other developers have too!), but we don’t have the bandwidth to do it yet. we’re working on some new major features that are going to take our focus for a while, but after that - who knows!

i’m not positive we can get the rights to cannibal corpse or nile though… but one of our managers knows the guys in dimmu borgir so maybe we can do that :kappa:


uuuhhh mr Croms, very very nice nitpicking!!!

Dimmu Borgir is ok but only the first two albums, ok maybe three: after that too much “carnival” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow that is awesome, thanks for coming down and sharing this with us @den! Its sounding to ne like devekopment is still far from done. Whatever it is I look forward to it, and Im sure we will enjoy it.

If I can be so bold, there is another thought I would like to leave in your lap while you are here, and that of @nokosa too. Gentlemen, I know that this idea will not appeal to everyone. But wish to humbly request that you give consideration to giving Crom some additional in-game goodies and artifacts. And I encourage you to browse some of the exceptional concepts and high levels of support for this on the forum. You dont have to reply to this post, and I would even go as far as to say dont. But just please keep this concept in the back of your minds and think on it. Still loving this game and the great work that goes into it.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


That is too awesome! Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

skynard exile

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