Musical Preference


I like the in game music, wonderful put together! That being said, I’ll now admit I mute it during PvP, I prefer to listen to Stoner or Black Metal during the game. Two suggestion I have is Panopticon or Mountain Witch. Also let me know, what is your preference, in game or do you make your own soundtrack. If the later, then what is it you listen to? Feel free to suggest anything, I’ll listen to it at least once!!!


i love the soundtracks of the game, it make me feel a lot like when i was playing wow some time ago.
So… Sometimes i go for that soundrack aswell and it fit (more or less xD)
But on average, can’t really listen to music because of roleplay server


That’s interesting, I’ll have to try that some times. Bring me back to the days in the Gultch