MUST changes to keep Conan alive

I have been a serious early access gamer for years now, usually dropping several thousands of hours into early access games. I’ve seen them all succeed, and most importantly I’ve seen them all fail. Conan exiles is failing.EVERY early access title I’ve ever bothered to try to assist via forum recommendations has either used my free suggestions and thrived, or ignored them and died. NO IN BETWEEN. This is all just personal background and I expect it to be duly noted, but I DO know what i’m talking about. Likewise, whether or not my free intellectual property was actually put into game or not, it was ALWAYS met with terrible grief and trolls from the community (who would often do complete 180’s on their stances only AFTER my ideas were implemented in game), so I fully expect to be hated after this post.

  1. New (or reformed) server type.
    -I can’t help but notice that PvE conflict servers don’t make a ton of sense and seem to be out of place. The no building damage is great for solo players or players who do not get a thrill out of base building/raiding or the idea of high risk living. It’s the PvP that doesn’t make sense with these servers. PvP is limited to 6 hours a day for really no objective reason that I can see currently. The best way to simplify it I see is having three basic server types with TWO different defining characteristics: Building damage (x), and player damage (y). therefor it makes the most sense to appeal to the most people to have 3 different server types in the following formats: (xx) (xy) (yy). Basically, the current PvE conflict format is just an extension of (yy) so long as there is a 6 hour PvP limitation. This must be addressed by either adding a TRUE (xy) formatted server type or the removal of the 6 hour player damage limit altogether from conflict servers. I will condense the conflict issues into one point (since the server type has much potential but also much wrong with it). In order for conflict servers to survive the purge meter must be turned WAY up. Currently the purge is a joke anyways, but for when it does work, in order for conflict servers to make sense and prevent massive clans from walling off resources or even just building to extensively, the purge meter on conflict servers needs to fill MUCH faster than on regular PvP servers. Since there is no building damage from players, the purge is the only thing keeping grief building in check on these servers.

  2. Character Progression
    -Currently, Character Progression in Conan Exiles seems to be in a solid place. It could obviously be improved, as anything could be, but for the moment what we have is working to satiate the communities hunger for progression. What is NOT addressed is the fact that you must completely start over any time you play on a different server. This is utter cancer for a few reasons: First, the progression system, while fun, is tedious, and the non elitist player base will be turned off from playing the game once they have to swap servers for around the third or fourth time and start over getting to 60. This creates a drain on the player base which contrary to the apparent dev belief will NOT make the community work harder on their game, it will cause them to LEAVE their game, which is not a good model considering we are going with the paid DLC approach now. Second, Because of this system we see mass migrations of clans from one server to the next, but when the migration occurs, the incumbents always have a HUGE advantage over the migrating clans because they likely have MONTHS of building and preparing to fall back on while the migrating clans are eating rocks. This turns even elitist players off of their game when simply no one wants to play with them because they aren’t smart enough to realize that when you kill someone who only has a stick, that someone quits. It’s a form of natural suicide. This is a major step for this game and likely one that will be met with EXTREME hate for the community because gaming communities tend to not know what’s good for them and will incorrectly criticize anything that puts them out of their comfort zone, after all, that’s why their gamers and not real lifers. Unfortunately, whether they realize it or not, in order to keep this game alive and competitive against upcoming similarly modeled games (fallout 76, who you should be very, VERY afraid of, because they WILL do this right if you don’t). THE GAME NEEDS TO CHANGE FROM: SERVER>CHARACTER to CHARACTER>SERVERS. Conan Exiles needs to change its model to where you have a Character(s) that exists outside of the individual servers and is capable of joining individual servers at will and with ease. This will make the game behave more like a true MMO, increase the player base, and therefor increase your money WITHOUT losing its original feel. It would literally be just a quality of life improvement. In the future, the idea of even transferring loot via a global inventory system and safezones. THIS WOULD HAVE TO BE DONE BY SPECIFIED SERVER TYPE, meaning that characters would only be locked to PvE, PvP, OR PvE conflict servers depending on the type of character they were made as. Otherwise, leveling would be done on PvE’s and then characters would be swapped to PvP. I personally do not see a problem with this as I have played other games like it and it worked. as a matter of fact, it worked very well, but I know the community is going to whine and groan till my ears bleed.

It must be understood that these suggestions come from a mutable perspective. meaning, if you don’t think the idea will work because of (insert issue here), how about, instead of scrapping the idea, you use your dull noggin that is only capable of processing shiny lights in a video game to solve that issue WITHIN the idea?


You probably wouldn’t get too many haters or trolls on this post if you didn’t deliver it like a self righteous w.anker :stuck_out_tongue:

But with that being said and tom foolery aside, I agree with what you suggest!


I actually like your ideas,untill you added the crap in caps at the end its unnecessary.

Is this you Don Ready, you magnificent beast. Wow, you got “The Goods” Don, not just selling used cars, but anything. So awesome to hear you’ve gotten over Albuquerque man. Hope we meet up for breakfast sometime at one of your usual places.

What they need to do, at least in my opinion is widen the time purges can happen on pve conflict.

As you said, there’s only pvp no building damage which is what I was looking for as a server. With so little danger, there’s many people building tons of small and big bases all over (Which there’s nothing wrong with it). Purges however start way late in the evening and end at 10 pm. If we assume there’s a purge every hour, ONLY 5 purges happen per day… FIVE!!

I had my purge meter full for over a month now with no purge. What am I supposed to do? I don’t even know where they will come from if they even attack. I’ve been patiently waiting for a purge to happen everyday but nothing so far.