Mutations involving crit chance aren't working

dux’s alpinist and silent assassin mutation, as well as Selma’s alpinist mutation, are not showing up when i attack from both hidden and high ground. I’m having no problems with Farrow’s silent assassin though. dux should be at 100% crit chance but is only at 45%, selma with aristo hat and 10% on her rifle should have 80% but has 55% instead… help?

Just to be sure, have you equipped them in them in the inventory? They’re both passives and if I remember right they show show up after another passive, which means you might not have equipped them and instead still have the older ones in use.


nope, i found it, thanks guy

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BTW I had the same issue. Even used to XCOM it was really hard to figure that out…

A hint in the game for that would help I guess.