My 30 day daily login reward

Extraordinary Item Reward Bag time! What did I get this month?

Neat, but I don’t need it. I already have my trusty KSR of Havoc. Perhaps I can sell it on the Marketplace, its a decent weapon, should be worth something.

Nope. Worth about as much as every extraordinary MKII item I get daily. So glad I logged in 30 days to get that.

Conclusion? Please make the 30 day reward something worthy (and better) than all previous days. At least we get a couple halfway decent distillates for the 2 days prior.

Hey, I hear there is a new system with all new drops of its own now, perhaps mix things up and throw in a few Agent Boosters just for fun?

Disclaimer Yes I know its free just for logging in, yes I know it doesn’t have to be amazing. Its called feedback people.


Feedback: Feedback & Suggestions


While you are correct that this being feedback it should indeed go into the feedback thread, I did not want to bog down that single thread dedicated solely to suggestions with replies from other players who may have similar experiences and concerns.

Besides, already been suggested there so whats the harm exactly in making a new thread about it?


For what purpose? You think more posts will speed up the process? When you’re trying to access some site in your browser you think it’ll open faster if you’ll open 5 tabs at the same time?

Yes. Actually I open 10 tabs. What is the purpose of you being a jerk?

Me? No, I’m too cute for that. What’s the purpose of you insta-jumping to insults?
In my kind of work we’re disregarding creation of multiple posts about the same issue as it may slow down the process of eliminating said issue.

Some daily rewards are a joke others (nearly) always come useful.
Another of the good pots, some ap and sp…on the other hand the token shard amount is laughable. You get that by selling the stuff from one mission even more. The extraordinary bag is kinda meh. The destillate is at least free and gives an upgrade for the daily.

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My problem with it is we get it literally every day, if one completes a dungeon anyway. Exact same reward for logging in 30 days?

Well, you kinda did first with the whole “5 tabs” comment, regardless, while this is feedback, consider this more of a discussion, which IMO is more appropriate in its own thread rather than diluting a thread designated for any and all kinds of feedback to be submitted.

While I agree multiple posts about the same topic is redundant, I am used to creating a topic in a forum when one desires to deliver feedback on a topic, not using a single thread for every single bit of feedback an entire community can provide.

It helps bring more of a focused attention to a problem or concern that comment #243 in megathread Feedback & Suggestions simply cannot provide. So I reckon, that would be my purpose.

I would see the issue more in the similar worth of most 1 pips with there 2 pip counterparts making extraordinary bags as much worth as any normal mission bag of which you get far more.

“5 tabs” was just an example. Because in dial-up times 5 tabs was the most useless idea ever. :kissing_smiling_eyes: