My 7 day ban was 8 days long

So…i joined a clan, played about 5 minutes, got banned with the whole clan for some previous infraction. I get it is my fault for not veting those guys, but my 7 day ban was 8 days long and i lost everything…down to ma underpants…so its s.o.l. for me i guess? Any suggestions, or should i just walk?

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It is a good thing, your clan cheat or do not respect the rules, you are banned and lose all.

I think you may have not understood my post, as your english is broken…

Actually they did break the rules by spawn blocking a monster, but did so because it was being kited to their base and used to kill thralls…that was their solution to having no rules inplace at the time.

i don’t beleive that funcom banned you for a monster block, otherwise everybody would be ban for building on something, think it’s for other reason, and that have been proved by clear evidence, and yes normal to loose all if cheating. and i say that because i know how hard it is to have funcom have a ban action.

You aren’t going to get your items restored, no.

For all other questions, you can refer to the terms of conduct on offical servers, or contact Hugo or Ignasis for additional follow up.