My account is not activating with new payment

I entered a payment on one “system” and it was stuck in pending then failed. I entered in a different way with advice from user in game and it now says successful, and that game time has started, but I am not listed as premium on the site or in the game. Please help. :slight_smile:

Hoping to get a reply at some point. :upside_down_face:

send a message to @AndyB he can help.

Thanks for the tip. Did that yesterday, still a no go. :frowning:

Thought I had action but it was my own reply from yesterday. :frowning:

So many annoying things in free to play! I advise everyone to go premium! Hope to get there soon myself! :slight_smile:

no chance to get fast support ,i have the same problem i buy more playtime now i am FTP ,and i am useing ■■■ times the same payment with out problems funcom has now the money and i have zero

почему у меня не работает прем у меня оплачено больше года

у меня все работает только нет свободных слотов под персов

потому что нет поддержки игры

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