My altars are gone and supreme!

Good night!
I really enjoyed Conan Exiles’ Halloween, but I have a serious complaint.
On the day that the Halloween event began, I noticed that my Level 3 altar disappeared, like the Supreme of Set and the things that were inside the altar. If, by chance, I or someone in my clan had demolished, I would have the coins “Manifestation of Fervor” in place, which did not occur, I looked at the event log and found nothing about that disappearance. The strangest thing I had just seen. And also, if it were the result of Hecatombe, there would be a log and also damage to my base, like destroyed walls, dead minions and other things, but there was none of it, so I came to the conclusion that it was due to the Halloween event that made it disappear. And now I’d like to know if it’s possible to return my Level 3 altar to my Supreme, or give me the resources to make another altar. Also the Supreme of Mitra and also the Supreme one of Derketo disappeared, in the same day and in the update of the Halloween Event. And today, when I entered my base of the Cimmerian, I noticed the lack of my altar of Yog level 3, with a Yog supreme, it was glued to my main base, so it would not deteriorate and disappear by the server reset.

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