My Bad RNG, A Hunt For Enis

Just felt like I needed to share.

I’ve been playing for awhile now and can say I’m certainly addicted to Conan Exiles even though I’ve only been playing since late March this year (2019). I’m getting better and have restarted several times. On this play-through I have been farming for Enis, especially after getting a topless Senk. Not that that isn’t pleasant but if she is going to fight and survive an appropriate top would help. And those ear rings that magically deflect bullets, uh, I mean arrows.

So I’ve been going on Enis runs. By that I mean starting at Drifter’s Rest (no idea if she spawns here) then making my way by all the Exile camps along the southern noob river to Exiles Camp 05 (east of the “Shattered Bridge”). Then I cross the river and check the last two camps, 07 and 08 (both infested with crocs). I skip camps 11 and 14. Then I exit to menu and return back to Drifter’s Rest. Sometimes I exit and reload at camp 24 as I’ve captured her here previously. But since the last update my RNG has been OFF, even strange. I’ve seen over a half dozen Senk the Pillowdancer and have even captured Grrr as I’ve heard he is rare, but not one Enis… until…

I went on an Enis run, unsuccessful, and continued to the Unnamed City to hunt mini-dragons while hoping for a sand storm to complete the “Survive” journey step. After several dragons my inventory was filling up so I started the Enis run back to base. The very first camp on the run back (08), I found her. I was elated. I didn’t want to risk killing her so I was only using my truncheon. Unfortunately, I agro’ed (sp?) a croc that while attacking me, it got her… killed her dead. Damn it! I cannot properly express how disappointed I was in myself and for missing this opportunity. I completed the Enis run, unsuccessfully, but continued to mope for some time.

I went on several unsuccessful Enis runs and continued to progress. I’m now level 53 and my 2nd purge is about to begin. I’m heading to my 2nd {mini} base. (Really just a collection of elevators near “The Pocket” providing easy access to the north and avoiding the Savanna and the White Tiger Boss.)

I’m organizing my inventory when the raid starts. It’s mostly pirates and a few named mini-boss fighters. On the third regroup Enis shows up with another named fighter and several Archers. I equip the truncheon with the thought that I’ll knock everyone out rather than risk harming Enis. During the battle I could be doing better and the Archers are preventing me from healing. I’m wondering where Enis is in this mess and I notice she has decided to attack my base. Good. I try to focus on the archers, but I’m still using my truncheon while the named fighter and several others are simultaneously attacking me. My health is getting bad so I try running for my base into cover so I can heal… unfortunately I died.

Now this is where it goes from bad to worse. I respawn, at my 1st (main) base. I forgot to drop a bed or bedroll at the base under attack, despite anticipating the purge… sigh, sum baskets (censored, huh). When I made my way back Enis was gone… again severe disappointment in myself and in missing this opportunity. The purge continued, basically picking up where it left off, where it was interrupted by my death. But Enis did not respawn.

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