My base dissappear on server 6306

I have a clan in server 6306 and my base dissappear, y have a great construction but now i connect and my base isn’t here. My last connection was yesterday. I don’t have items and nothing. Only my slaves and horses.

Sounds like at server restart you will be banned. Just a hunch

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i do nothing for that. Respect the rules of construction and for other players

I thought the same thing my first time


You got a solution?

Have you checked the logs to see what happened?

It could be a few things:

  1. The POI system could have decided your base was intrusive into a POI and auto deleted it (this has been less of an issue since the 2.8 update)

  2. A player could have reported your build and an admin deleted it

  3. A server restart could have decided a portion of your base was unstable and cascaded into it being deleted.

Reviewing the server logs should be your first step, then sending a ticket to Zendesk.

Be aware that it is very unlikely any resources will be returned. You may get an explanation if there was admin intervention.