My base gew wings!

Vault below right wing…

Jail below left wing…

Devotees or other unfortunate captured thralls (not put inside wheel) to be paired with cellmates equipped with Truncheon for infinite beat down.

love the prison and the vault room

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Thank you :slight_smile:

wait wait wait…PC has prison cells!?! how do you keep npc from despawning? I attempted to make a holding room for when wheel was full on xbox and they were gone when I returned with another bound friend for them.

It’s not limited to a platform… You can trap a thrall inside a room with thralls holding truncheon nearby. I’ve had a thrall alive this way for half a day before (i.e. entered room before I went to work, still knocked down after I got home), i’m not sure how long I’d be able to keep this up but I plan on finding out.

Only thing about this is that it’ll keep a thrall from respawning at the location so it would inconvenience others. I’m actually hoping that what I plan on doing is impossible, so that trolls won’t be able to “steal” all the spawns.

If I find out that it is possible to keep a “live” thrall perma-knocked this way, then I’ll report it to the devs and report it as a bug.

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I will be testing this tyvm

It works up until a server restart. At restart, all spawns are reset, including any trolled away. I once had a room full of thralls that i needed, but was too lazy to build new thrall wheel at the time. so i just had a “waiting” room. For some reason, the waiting thralls had attitudes when i got back :slight_smile:

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