My base is gone?!

For three months I waited for the constant disconnections to cease following the devs tardy response “Age of war will come with fixes”. Just to log on and find that the base I spent years and years making had completely vanished because of this “fix”. I lost both my Dad and Grandfather in the same month… And Instead of drowning my sorrows in alcohol and tears I foolishly drowned them into this game. Built castles and monuments to distract me from my harsh realities - like most players. Now those monuments are gone despite our patience and constant belief in their promises to change things. And to know that I purchased the Nemedian DLC - supported funcom just to have lost it because of such an ignorant mishap…well thats the last straw for me. Today I am an exile NO LONGER. I would implore other players to no longer pay for their content. Do not waste your money with their microtransactions because as you can see - youre only paying for a overall negative experience. Last straw for me, good luck to the rest of you and for the love of god Do not purchase DUNE!

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