My biggest fear came true

Topic: “How is sorcery going to be added in Conan Exiles? Will corrupt be a useless stat? So many questions” is proof. Sorcery has not been started. So I’m guessing 3-7 months before it’s startered. Which means settlement system has not been startered. I’m mad. I’m mad the devs didn’t post on the Main website page that they are working on bugs/glitches fixes first. Your hot buttons are sorcery topics. Inform you community that your working on bugs/glitches on your main page. My hot button is not being properly inform by the dev team that they are working on bugs/glitches first. Update your website page devs. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Instead of forcing skull to make the dev team admit Sorcery has not even been starter. News update : Staff team working on bugs/glitches. Major updates delay. So simple dev team. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

@Jens_Erik me and skull will have same IP address and System code. Due to my PC being down. I don’t have a ps4 of my own. I do however have my own profile. But since tracking only goes IP and system you couldn’t tell you that. Sony could. :rage:

@Jens_Erik and dev team, You will always have bugs/glitches. You can’t fix them all. You will not always have a huge success as Conan Exiles first week was. And if this keeps up. Conan Exiles will die off like sword coast legends. Bugs/glitches fixes are great. But a game that gets boring dies off.
Each delay my money goes to a new open world survival game. I’m playing subnautica right now. Hopefully there an open world survival warhammer 40k game. Have fun with your delays. Bye bye devs. This girl gamer off to play Subnautica and dark souls three. :neutral_face:

It’s been on the official site in the 19 December newsletter what their current focus is …still there as at 5 February 2019.
To quote that newsletter: “Going forward, our current focus is improving the core aspects of Conan Exiles in the next couple of months. This includes improving the Purge, fixing exploits, and improving AI and thralls.”

In addition to that newsletter it is in the Official news and Announcement section of the forums:

And also here:

The last being posted in January.

Prior to that it had been communicated in several replies that the focus is fixes etc and after those then it’s completing the four planned dungeons and maybe working on sorcery after that. Nothing hidden and all known for several months.


I too am angry that Funcom hasn’t been up front about the things they were up front about.



Hey, you forgot it posted in forums and not Main Page.

I recognise you are disappointed that the sorcery you are very keen to have in the game is not a priority for Funcom at the moment, but they hadn’t concealed that they have other priorities to work on.

The 19 December newsletter is currently posted on the official Conan exiles website page (ie NOT only on these forums, it was posted onto these forums as well at the time but it still remains on the external website for the game).
That is, this one:

If this is not the “main page” that you are referring to, then I suggest you supply a link to it (or describe where it is.) That way Funcom can be made aware there is a site that needs more news updates to be consistent with the other sites that advertise this game.

I’m looking forward to the AI improvements and updates to the Purge system. I hope no work is being put on sorcery until these key features get implemented. And honestly, I’d much prefer that the devs work on the settlement system than sorcery anyway. In my opinion, sorcery is a very low priority (but still on the list of things to do and add to the game).

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I like how the initial topic got locked because it literally had no useful input, and it’d been mentioned several times in different threads that had involved a certain someone… and the devs have posted in multiple places that sorcery… if it comes at all, will be a long time out…

…and yet… here we are… with another topic, this one trying to call out the devs. Wonderful behavior this is.

It is done, the game die fail. They ignore our problems for months and work on testlive when live servers are geting wipe by exploits. No sorcery will lift this game no more. They delay the fix we w8 since december :))

I’m going to close this thread as OP’s question has been answered. :slight_smile: