My castle on official #1090

Located at the Shattered Basin (map coordinates H 8) on official PvE server #1090.

The kitchen:

The workroom:

The hallway:

My bedroom and study:

My mate’s bedroom:

Walkway from the inner castle to the outer walls:

View across the courtyard to the inner castle:

My collection of legendary weapons:

The tower on the left contains the South entrance, the map room and the Set shrine (from bottom to top). The lit structure in the middle is the mess hall. The tower on the right contains the wheel of pain (inside the bulgy part) and the Pit of Yog (on top):

Inside view of the mess hall:

Temple of Derkheto:

Temple of Mitra:

The North gate:

The West gate:

The throne room:


Looks fancy. I like the decor.

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