My Char Stuck in The Transfer Cloud

Game mode: Conan Exiles Online official
Type of issue:Transfer Bug
Server type:PvE-Conflict
Bug Description:

So I started to Transfer My Toon off of Sever 1821 and succesfully uploaded , Then as I was to import to Server#1942 , it then said Token failed.

Any Advice

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Hi @donnyboy101,

You’ll need to submit a ticket at → Zendesk, Click me! ←
Report your problem by selecting “character transfer issues” from the drop down menu and providing your ID/platform so they can help you further.

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I did, has the characters been able to be found or do they get lost. Should I make another toon??

The process isn’t immediate, you may need to wait a day or two.

That’s up to you, do you want to wait or play right now?

well Im just curious if funcom are able to find the data of the toon that get lost?

Anyway, yes Ill wait

Usually, they can restore your character and you can proceed as if the issue never happened.

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Did you max out your encumbrance and then put your backpack on to give you a few more pounds. Just answer yes or no thanks.

yes, I even had on the encumbrence set even and I was at 25%… I wasnt bringing anything with me just basics food water and weapon and shield

Ok thanks I lost a character with max incumbrance and a backpack just wanted to see if that was the problem. Good luck

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