My Character spawned in a dungeon clanless and without gear

Hi everyone.

On 3 April I transferred my character from the server 3014 to 3009 to be with my friends.

Upon spawning, I found myself on the entrance in the dungeon where the arena champion is instead of spawning in desert. I tried to get out but without demon blood I couldn’t until my friends came and got me.

For days after settling in to the clan and base of my friends everything was ok. But on 8 April my Clan leader contacts me while I was playing on other game telling me that my character 's body was nowhere to be found and asking me why I left the clan.

At first I thought that my friends were pranking me. But when I logged in to the game I found my character clanless and with all my gear gone in the dungeon at the city of thieves. Also when I spawned in that dungeon the game warned me that I died by bleeding.

Last time I remember that I left my character in the base on his spawn point (bed) with his female companion on it. The thrall was in emote doing the “seduce” emote and my character was left on “sleep on the back” emote when I logged out.

Is the server 3009 bugged or having a npc emoting close to your sleeping character causes a bug ?

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Sounds like your character gotten overwritten by server merge. Recall if you log into any other server after the issue server if yes then most likely that character overwrote your current.


Welcome to the forum @Kazalakis.
I believe that @Outcast3rd is right. I don’t know how long you play the game, some parts of your history are mistaken, so I assume you’re not a veteran in this game which is cool actually.
I am however pretty confused, this is something that I must confess never happened to read here so far, it seems weard. I will summon @LordKAA, maybe he has something good to suggest.
If you know how to use pc make a report and send a ticket to Zendesk so an admin will personally deal with your issue.
Welcome to the forum m8.

Ps to exit the Arena champion door you need the arena key, or to go around and exit from a hole of a wall by dacking.
To exit the next door you need another key that you fix from 3 fragments by killing the bosses, getting their statues and place them correctly in order to get the fragments.
It’s a beautiful dungeon and very rewarding, spend some time there, it definitely worth grinding in there.

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I play the online part of the game since September 2021. The offline part long before 2021.

As for my issue, I filled a ticket this past Sunday 10 April and today 15 April. And I am waiting for response from the administration.

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When I started the online part of the game at September 2021 I played constantly and only at the server 3014. I had never transferred to other servers before 3009.

Bravo my friend, well done, be patient a bit and everything will be setled :+1:t6:.
Still I can suggest you something if you wish that will fill your anticipation from Zendesk beautifully.
Name a pve server that you wish and I will come to join you for a week to show you around the secrets of this map and some pvp secrets why not.
My nickname is Stelagel on psn too (Stelios Litsios), send an invite and prepare for a journey.
Have fun m8 :+1:t6:, nice to meet you here.

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Hi @stelagel,

Welcome to the forum @Kazalakis

Unfortunately I think you were probably right when you said;

I believe the only way you can die from bleed damage indirectly (no name in logs), whilst offline is with palisades placed by someone else. Possibly also friendly fire with firespark arrows (pve-c/pvp).

If you are certain that you were logged off inside the base then it’s quite likely that is the cause.

If you are able to go back in the logs and see if there was any clan activity when you were killed that might reveal the culprit.

If you find them, be sure to dye all their kits pink. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck.