My character vanished!

I searched with filter ‘History’ and my character has vanished. I only play on one server but tonight I thought I try single play. I only got to the character creation and logged off. Now when I try my server with my only character …he is gone. What happened. This us a game breaker for me if not able to retrieve my character. And no he did not remove his bracelet…


Are you sure you are looking on the same server?

When you say “My Server” what do you mean, Official server? Private server?
Are you on PC or Console?

If you accidentally tried to recreated the character on the same server it would delete the character,
this is about the only way to make the character “gone”.

Just removing the bracelet would only kill the character and you would spawn at your bed.

Give us more information and we might be able to help.

I found him. My server cashed and was offline for hours. That is why server filter ‘History’ did not even show him as being played.


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