My clan is banned while the server is getting raided by meshers?

1650 our clan is banned while the entire server is being raided by dark knights who have no base anywhere on the server inside the green wall zone and they just use the palisade T pose to port out to wherever there meshed or outside green wall? I assume we got banned for talking aggressive in chat??? its frustrating when you guys let players cheat so bad and get away with it because we have to do all this research for you to catch glitchers

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Also I just bought an expansion yesterday and since banning people for chat box when they are frustrated at cheaters I want to know how i get my money back I dont want to give you guys another dollar since you dont ban cheaters

Wow. Ok.

Since you got banned, you must have been the actual cheater. Don’t come onto this forum expecting sympathy because you broke the rules and got banned. Funcom never makes mistakes like that.


please read the following Rules.

also be aware of

You can chose in the Zendesk dropdown menu the following points

Why was I banned
Ban Appeal