My dedicated server PC server NA region opened now

My friends and I feel bland so we decided to open up the server. Only open to NA region for right now. It is running on real server hardware and not a oem consumer computer. Limit is 30 players at a time for now. We are not sure how many players we can handle on the server at once. So the player count may go up or down.
It is a pvp server under relax settings. No decay or thrall/pet hunger.

We may end up making it close but if we do we will provide the login password to current players.

Reason for region lock server: Fear of hackers and intentional exploiters/griefers who feel the need to ruin people’s experience as some form of self honor ego stroking.

Your character does not stay logged in when you log out.

You do not lose items upon death.
We have a few mods, you can have 5 followers.
the level cap is 300 where you can max out all attributes when you make it that far (tested).
Nudity is on full.
Daily restarts at 2am.
If there is a mod mixmatch then let me know so i can do a manual restart of the server software.

We may not be on 24/7 but admin sites are marked and heavily defended. There is only 6 admin bases claimed. With a Colosseum near one of them.

Anything that is unguarded and not marked with signs is clearly forgotten by our clans and we do not care if they get destroyed. We will not retaliate.

This is mainly a relax server with PVP element.
I am the owner of the server. My ingame name is the same as my reddit name.

Fair Notice: My brother did claim the beginner lake area. So try going east of it to get around it. I do not think he wants to relocate. But if it is a dire issue, please provide constructive criticism down below, not insulting ones.

Purges are off as of right now.

Server Name: VCR

IP and port:

Location is in North Carolina

Our rules:
Admins will take a non-interference approach to players.
Self defense is the only exclusion.
Do not habitually harass players.
We have a public Coliseum if witnesses are needed to settle disputes thru the ancient human trials of combat.

If there is any issues you can contact us in game or thru our website @