My follower got stuck inside a game structure

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: SA #1996

My berzerker disappeared yesterday, and after searching everywhere (he was not in my bedroom, where he should be) I’ve found him stuck inside the game structure! I can’t access him and I dont want to lose his gear (he had my best stuff, adventurer blade, godbreaker helm, redeemed legion breastplate…).
Can you get him unstuck please?

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Funcom can not as they have no admin on official servers thus the best solution is destroy building pieces and get him out other than that you will have to lose your stuff sorry

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Unfortunatly he is inside game texture, so removing my structure helps nothing…
It sucks then, I guess i’ll have to lose my stuff :frowning:

We have the same issue. Horses in stone, thralls in build pieces or under the mesh. Pc- Private - PvP

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