My Fresh New Horse, Andromeda

I pick up a swift foal as I pass near Mounds of the Dead on the way back north to my place near Frost Needle Forest.
Silly me, I hadn’t unlocked the horse taming pen.
But once I had it built I placed the hungry foal into the pen. Later, my foal was ready, a beautiful brown/red mare who I named Andromeda.
Went to the trouble to build a nice little shelter and was just getting ready to upgrade to insulated wood when I heard my horse cry out in what sounded like terrified pain about the same time I heard a goat’s dictinctive voice.
I stopped what I was doing and casually strolled outside … expecting to see a dead goat killed by Andromeda (but oh damn, horses don’t fight or even defend themselves anymore).
To my surprise I didn’t see Andromeda right away but the goat was there and came after me. So I kicked it in the head and killed it. Easy.
So now I looked around for Andromeda … and found her in the back of her stable.
She was laying down against the back wall of her stable in a typical horse fashion and appeared as though she were licking at her front leg appearing as if she were badly injured. I recall even seeing some blood on the wall behind her.

I thought how strange that was because in all my hours in this game, I never saw a horse animation such as that and how impossibly beyond their scope of expertise that is for any developer to implement such a monumental and lifelike animation. (Prove me wrong if you dare.)

I thought surely she must be injured so I came close to her and tried to interact with her.
Suddenly to my dismay, I discovered Andromeda was dead.
My horse Andromeda was dead.
Killed by a damned GOAT.
A damned goat.
My horse was one-shotted by a damn goat.

Whoever you are that removed a horse’s ability to fight …
If you were on my server, I would chain you in a cage with that damn goat, just to see how you like being one shotted with no chance of fighting back.
I hope it would be quick and painful as Andromeda’s death was.
But I’d be happy just to see it beat you to death.

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