My General Feedback on MYZ

Overall, I’ve been enjoying the game but here are some notes.

  • Hand grenades feel too weak, they hardly damage anything, even on “Normal” difficulty
  • Some enemies can see through smoke (Pyro units can still nail you with a fire bomb). All in all smoke grenades aren’t very useful at present.
  • Sometimes the hide/recall option gets stuck (and recall doesn’t work), only way around it has been to save and reload
  • If a character starts some scripted dialog and that character is switched away from (for whatever reason), the v.o. goes silent.
  • It would be nice if you could have an indicator on the character portrait if they are in an enemies detection circle (so you know if it’s clear to start an ambush or not)
  • Zone dogs are able to jump to the top of a train in the Iron Serpent map, is that intended?
  • With long play sessions the sound starts to stutter occasionally (memory leak?)
  • Hand grenades are more of a combat option and a tool for specific encounters. The upgrade that brings there damage from 4 to 8 is very good but they really are meant to blow apart cover, allow you to dps without Line of Sight and as a strong option to open a fight,
    For example say there is a group of 3 enemies too close to stealth takedown, ambush and throw 3 grenades at them for 24 damage x3
    also a neat use, if you are on the second floor of a building with enemies you can grenade them. This blows out the floor, does 4 extra damage from the fall and gives you high-ground bonuses

  • you can also throw things over/out of smoke, they are basically an oh crap button that makes you invulnerable for 4 turns basically. rez someone and then smoke nade so you dont get shredded right away. the better you play the less useful they are. they also put out fire so can reduce damage you would otherwise take by walking out of a molotov and burning, removing burn in a fight where it can tick away for the full duration is like 3-6 hp

  • haven’t seen this myself, odd

  • ya, having them restart where they left off would be nice, breaks the pacing having to stop and wait for them to talk before doing things

  • Are you starting ambushes off screen? the circles are pretty forgiving as is

  • One of the games mutations is a leg enhancement that lets use jump up walls, only fair the enemy has access to the same tools especially the poor melee dogs that get there damage absorbed even on very hard

  • played almost my whole iron man in one go and had no audio issues, i did get frame drops pretty regularly though

Thank you for the feedback Skolia :slight_smile:

More feedback:

There seems to be a couple bugs that I keep running into:

  • The interaction popup stops working (it appears to still operate with the keybind however). Save/Load fixes.

  • The game still gets confused with hide/recall where it doesn’t seem to realize what state a character is in. It’s not always the same character so I think it’s a more general issue. Sometimes it acts like they’re no longer hidden but they float around instead of walk. Save/Load fixes.

  • The ghoul bosses that can resurrect dead enemies has a more serious bug, enemies that are brought back up do not have any visible circle/name/health bar/level. State icons (stun/fire/overwatch) work, however.

  • Sometimes dead enemy state icons (fire/stun) stay up after they’ve been killed. Doesn’t happen a lot though.

Some suggestions:

  • If you possess an enemy, and attack, they will know where the stalkers are even if they haven’t been spotted. They will go for the possessed enemy, first however, if it’s closer to them. In my mind, they should be more confused over who’s attacking them and none of the stalkers have been heard/spotted/engaged in direct combat it should exit the combat round when the possessed reverts or dies.