My house was destroyed

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: lost all items in the house
Server type: pve #1005
Region: [ Eu ]
Mods?: [ No ]
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I had a house in hunter city. right next to the rhino boss(i dont have blocked the spawn). the house was alive for 1 month. I realized that it had been completely destroyed for no reason today. and all the objects that I have inside the house have therefore been destroyed as well. I have major losses. the problem comes from you so thank you for refunding me all the objects that have been lost in the house…

Did you visit your base within 168 hours?
Your base decays if you don’t play after a week on official servers.

I sent my computer in for repair for 5 days

I often go inside

Decay man, its a thing. I was hospitalized for 10 days, i teached my wife to log and play to refresh the base. No refunds, sorry. for your loss. Time to start over or rage quit. Conan is brutal in some aspects.

I posted this post in the wrong place the first time. and a moderator confirmed to me that a refund was possible. it’s not the first time I’ve lost things.

my main house and still standing so this 168 hour settlement. seems weird to me.
I also lost stuff for no reason even while logging in regularly. this server is à very old server with at lot of build

Its a new thing, never heard of any one being refuned in officials, you are lucky : )

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Maybe its a bug then, some off my pleceables just disappeared this morning, with me standing in front of it.

Greetings Exile,

Since this seems to be a character-specific problem, could you send us a Zendesk ticket so we can check?

hi. I sent 3 reports. I never received a response please help (I hope it’s me you’re talking to) xD

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Funcom does not refund lost materials.

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when the problem comes from the game . it’s unfair not to fix it. you have to be (morally) very strong in this game. but there are always limites. even if you play in pve there is still always big risks of losing things. I’m just asking them to give back what’s mine. they have the power to do that. I simply ask them to put themselves in the shoes of the players.

report number. (45657). (44607).(43564)