My husband draw my character in Conan exiles!

Put a picture of your character here, he will draw one whenever he can, after all he loves it and is his favorite hobby.

Was it good or perfect?


This was done on top of another art, an inspiration, I don’t know which one. who knows brand!


The most recent is this, he said he would do another.

Dovah RP

I wanted that haircut!


That’s really awesome.


That’s ducken beautiful chick, you hubby did really well. Yay!


Badass! :smiley:


Awesome. Post your character in game so we can compare.


Great job.


It was difficult, but I managed to take those pictures. #1977


There are actually 3 different ones. :relieved:
1st - # 1999
2nd - # 1977
3rd - #Ruinas de Astapor (RP)


Wow, that is nothing short of amazing! Your husband (Refrin?) Is quite the artist. Keep up the great work.


These look very good. They all seem to be adaptations of Elias Chatzoudis’s art (Snow White, Tribulations of Abaddon and Pinup for ImagineFX May 2019, respectively) but with a nice personal touch.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but one should nevertheless credit the original for the inspiration (assuming good Mr. @Refrin isn’t actually Mr. Chatzdouris).


These arts you mentioned are quite famous.
I cannot credit something that served as an inspiration, I can only quote. basically, only the pose served as inspiration. We are both on the diversion, but he draws much better. It was a lot of work to do each stroke, paint and credit someone for something I did would be unfair to myself. You have the right to compare the art that served as inspiration, but not the right to say that it was not me who did it in every detail. You know what fan art means. There are other totally original arts at, in addition to a 52-page comic strip.

These arts were made quickly at the request of my wife … In fact, I don’t even remember if they were all inspirations or if they are totally original, collect them here since you found them. I just remember that the first photo was inspiration.

They already took one of my arts and presented it as someone else’s, it’s frustrating. (The art indeed).

I’m sorry for anything, I know you want to do the right thing.


A real artist! Congratulations!


:sob: :sob: :sob: I was forced to make a completely original design. My wife demanded. She didn’t know the details you mentioned. She demanded that she be the inspiration for her character! :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

I’ve already started (I’ll leave a preview of the development). In the end I will post here. :dizzy_face:

*This pose I saw in the game and the clothes too.


Impressive!! I love it



At first the term “imitation” sounded a little harsh to me. Then I had a look at the links you posted…

But in the end … Citing is an integral part of the art. Especially in visual arts, citing and variations of formal aspects and subject matter has not only always been a good way to learn from the masters but also a way that the masters use to have a discurs about their positions in the developement of those aspects.

Anyway, thank you for referencing the drawings of Chatzoudis, since I didn´t know them and they´re also worth a look :sunny:


I think I need to clarify that there’s nothing wrong, in my opinion, about copying, imitating or drawing inspiration from other people’s works. I do that myself. Whether using a live model, a Renaissance artist’s original or an unknown person’s doodles on the Net, using points of reference is a very useful way to get the look you want. And taking someone else’s creation and turning it into something different, something that is your own, is an art in itself.

It’s just that I feel that I should credit whoever else was involved. If Bessie from next door models for me, I mention that in my art piece. If I make a scifi version of Mona Lisa, I mention the original along my work. If someone just gives me a good idea or otherwise inspires me, I credit them for that. And if, in turn, something I’ve created serves as inspiration for someone else, I hope they’d credit the original when presenting theirs.

(Seriously, I’m sometimes tempted to tell random passers-by “I love your hair!” Can I use it in a painting?" but it might be a bit creepy. Even though I’m sure at least some of them would feel flattered by the praise.)


@Refrin Love the style, excellent for cover art and other one-offs. Do you also do sequential art, like comics? There’s quite a bit of creative talent displayed across the various Funcom forums, so you’ll fit in well here…

I have said that to people (well drawing, not a painter) and about 70-80% were cool about it. Based on that, men seem to be way more vain about it and likely to get bristly, though…


Yeah, well, I live in Finland. If you approach a stranger here, and worse yet, if you actually talk to them, you’re considered a weirdo.


Nice job