My issues with the 2.3 update

  1. the new camps have “secret” boxes you reveal with switches and thrall cages you can rescue : they do not refresh unless the server is reset, so only the first player after the server restart will get the item/thrall
  2. to dig out the special spots in the new camps you need a rare item “gravedigger” which is end game item more or less, you get mid/hight grade armor as a reward, it make no scence to dig it. (would be much better if u get fragment of power from it or somth end game item)
  3. The new rec from the tower are mostly weapons that you get doubles and triples of, to get one of the armors it took me 50+ fragmetns of power (i got 10+ sword rec and 6 daggers …)
  4. The Price of Yakith is too high for those stats. They dont worth 1000/500 gold

It’s not a nerf. It’s a bug. It’s listed as a known issue in the follow up patch notes section.

Make a separate bug report thread in the appropriate section of the forums.

Most pets are not worth it period, especially as they are weaker and harder to level. Now they’ve nerfed XP gain it’s atrocious.

Yakith is an exotic pet in an endgame area. Gold is plentiful, I’ve many thousands of coins and I only farm it occasionally when I do vaults.

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