My Jade Dragon Samurai

Not really. Dyed Colours lacks saturation exactly the same as with non-DLC’s armours. It’s impossible to have a bright red for example on and DLC’s aquilonian light or medium armour.
It seems the only dyes properly saturated are the black and the white one.

No, the red on the armours is more saturated in the DLC Aquilonian armours than the non DLC medium only one.
The “plume” on the helmet is a good example. Day and night difference between the non DLC helmet and the DLC heavy one.
Also noticeable on the leg/waistarmour. The DLC looks like its red. The non dlc looks like a burned blackish burgundy.

Another noticeable point is the leather on the body armour. The DLC red, again, much more vivid. The non DLC is some strange burnt burgundy blackish again. At first I thought it was because it was metal, but its a thick leather, just like the dlc ones.

Even more so noticeable is the chest piece on the DLC heavy armour under all the shoulder padding and cloth. Comparatively the same piece almost as the non-DLC medium chest piece. Again, it is more vivid.

I dont think you have tested these armours out to be saying that. And I never said you can get a bright red, I said they can be properly coloured. Clearly properly means as in what you would expect them to be depending on the material, and not some silly rainbow colour that wouldnt fit.

Non dlc though? The dye does not reflect what it should. (Again, going on the Aquilonian armour. Some other armours are much more vivid, even the Hyena Armour for example, or the reds on the Vanir armours)

The red in the last images I uploaded (with the Rams’ Horns helmet) is what it should look like. That is a realistic red for armour/cloth colouring. I shouldnt have to do it through mods that allow for me to alter the colours to achieve a result that should be the norm is what I am saying.

No need to add silly colours to the game, simply make them actually reflect what they should be.

The limitation (as this mod clearly proves) is purely on behalf of the devs and how they deem the colours should look. And for me this is suspect to some dlc dyes coming soon. I hope I am wrong.

On the other hand, I get most dlc’s I like anyway. Perhaps I would be glad they add it when they do. Who knows. Its just what it feels like they are going for. No other reason to have dye be so confined. The non-dlc Aquilonian armour especially is one of the worst in the game. It has a burned dark hue to almost all colours.

I dye almost all the armours I craft using mostly black, red, dark red, blue, midnight blue, Cimmerian blue and white. Tried light red but on a DLC’s light Aquilonian armour and it was unsaturated pink. Red is very dark on all armours and dark red is almost black. Midnight blue is almost black too. Black is black except on some part of the Zamorean thief armour where it’s very dark grey.
I play on PS4 using my TV screen. Perhaps the problem comes from there. Or perhaps it’s the PS4 lower resolution than PC that makes the dyed colours look dull and unsaturated.
Then the Zingaran Freebooter headscarf default colour is a bright red on my screen. If I apply a normal red colour it changes for a darker unsaturated red. It doesn’t seem to possible to get the same red with dye.

Think it might be a version issue? Yeah red depending on the armour is usually quite dark. But some armour pieces are quite bright. Like the DLC Aquilonian like I mentioned and also Yamati has a few pieces where the red is quite vivid too.

Funny thing, some armours that are default red have a much more vivid red on them :smile:
Like the “ninja/samurai” I uploaded towards the start of the thread. Notice the gauntlets? That is its normal red. When I apply the red that the game has it goes darker :frowning: Which tells me even more they are fiddling with the dyes too much if I can’t recolor them to their original vividness.

Im currently trying out and enjoying mods on solo atm. Found another pretty neat dye mod. Thinking if I start up a private server at some point to get in touch with the maker of it to get rid of all the overly saturated colours :smiley: Other than that it works great.

Light red is indeed way too washed on almost everything. Dark red is almost black. lol.

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