My list of crap for this patch

Most annoying that need immediate fix:
Constant delay and glitch in display - was running perfect previous hot fix patch
recurrent crash likely linked to display - was fixed at last hot patch patch
mobs jump to random location when passing near - was running perfect previous patch

Bug to be corrected:
Food/pulp dying extremely fast - clock jumping down - was running perfect previous patch
Pulp decreased effect - why?
Water freezing effect even in desert - why?
Thrall falling / disappearing - was running perfect almost previous patch
Boss mob walking through walls - was running perfect previous patch
war paint gone - was running perfect previous patch
paper doll gone from character sheet - was running perfect previous patch
Epic weapon durability reduced - why?
Mob harvest (head, key) reduced to 1 - ignore server setting
Mobs/thralls randomly not targettable before they engage - was not really working before as well

I do not blame mistakes in development but you have officially released the game so you may want to review your quality process and verification/test department.

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You’re questions are my questions exactly.

Since latest patch I’ve noticed when eating food I have the drinking water sound and drinking water has no sound at all.

Ok so - after patch-fixed it is nearly playable, could do better on the video management but well … not all at once I guess.

Few things I just noticed:
Some epic weapons have not recovered their durability ie Black dragon pike: 540 down from ~1200
Mobs are still glitching when activated
Some thralls are still pass through until pulled away from their position
Heart of the King was missing in the loots in the black keep
Thrall disappearing/evaporated: I knocked off several named thralls at the galleon during a purge and parked them near one of my tamed thrall back in the desert. Ran back to my base to check on the status with invaders and when back at galleon they were all gone. - was alone on the server.

More items bugged since the patch.

Just about every previously agro mob is no longer agro and no social agro from mobs. It’s just about safe to move around the entire world. Only killer left is gravity and other players on a PvP server. Mob pathing is aweful. I started on a new server and ran around the world in fiber clothes and I think I was chased once by a mob I accidentally hit otherwise the world is absolutely tame across the board.

You cannot kill end boss in the Dregs. He does not agro no matter what even if attacked with a bow. You cannot hit him with melee weapons as he is not in range and you are forced into swim animation if you jump into the acid to try hit him.

Clan UI is broken. Cannot promote/demote members. As such you cannot promote members so they can access the vaults.

I was on perfectly smooth running graphics before patch and now the game performance is terrible. So choppy/blury now when it’s was perfect before. I have no idea how you could have missed such a blatant loss of performance on your test servers ?

It looks like 10 times more bugs were added than were fixed with the patch.

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We have killed him yesterday. But relogin on the entrance of the Dregs.

Works good for me.

Here’s my UI , I’m Xee and I see no promote/demote button.

Right click on member…

I did. nothing happens. Does the “Message of the Day Modified By:” and “Guild Name Modified By:” items get updated? Mine have remained blank even after changing MOTD and guild name.

Found the bug. It doesn’t work if you are playing in 4k resolution. Need to drop resolution down to 1080p for it to work and needs to be in fullscreen mode to work. Doesn’t work in Windowed Fullscreen.

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