This is still not fixed in live, any news?

I have seen this issue recently…makes me wonder if the ghost spider web may be involved. Never tested really.
Ghost Spider Web—where i run a line of foundations from my main base, then build an outpost attached to that line. once done, i remove the line, and now can refresh both bases by visiting either one.

so it may be possible that somehow there is some ghost line they may have done that has attached to your base, or if you used this technique, they tied into your ghost line.

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My base was finished built, then someone built a stairway close to it, they not play anymore, but its me that refresh the timer on the stairway
Maybe if i destroy some of my base close to stairway it will decay?

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Possibly. I would find the closest piece and destroy it. See if it does anything. Your base should stay maxed if you are near it, and theirs should be less if ti works.

Hello @Fixi, the issue is still being investigated by the developers, apologies for the inconvenience.

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