My luck... Warmaker -crash

Running in the Warmaker alone with my trusted Thrall and BOOM goes my server. Official 2509. Had a nice run. Wonder where I’ll wake up…

Came back at front of dungeon. Thank goodness. Now to find my Thrall…

Right where I died, patiently waiting. Sometimes this game is a happy surprise. Thanks! :heart:

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:joy: my run for my Thrall got the first blue boss stuck in the war maker dungeon hall. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

sadly, finding ur corpse and thrall can be a happy surprise in CE

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You get what I mean! Lol. I was expecting to come back in the game with the Warmaker over my dying corpse and half dead thrall. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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When you die, if there are no other players, the thrall and NPC will stop fighting, as the game only “turns on” if there is an actual player in the area/render distance. The only thing working at all times is a “back end” decay timer, so it can catch up crafting, spawns, decaying, etc if you run into an area. Damage is technically turned off when you aren’t around.


I did not know that. Thank you :blush:

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